Trickswap Circus provide package and bespoke workshops for all ages and clients.

Over 20 years of providing tuition means that lessons are honed to perfection! We provide multiple learning approaches to communicate each instruction, with all the lessons delivered in managable steps that result in a fast development in the student, whether they're enjoying their 8th or 80th birthday!

Trickswap Circus has taught a number of inividuals who have gone on to become full-time Circus Performers, from inspiring a lad of age 8 to become ranked 6th in the guiness book of records within 1 year of starting, to professional artists who found their passion in the Trickswap Circus space!

We have a long history of working with people with disabilities and our 'Can Do' attitude and positive enthusiasm ensures everyone is included and feels the joy of accomplishment!

Practicing circus develops spatial awareness, reflexes, muscle growth and toning, posture and coordination, as well as the benefit of practice and discipline in pursuing achievement. Not only that, circus leads to additional brain growth between the two hemispheres of the brain, linking the mathmatical and creative sides to enable faster calculation and problem solving!

A core aspect of the teaching of Trickswap Circus is motivation based learning; we learn fastest what we enjoy! Alongside this are the goals of inclusivity, physical, social and mental development, encouraging individuals to learn and grow in their own way, supported by careful goal setting which helps build confidence and develop communication. It is common for us to hear parents exclaim how delighted they are that their child has overcome their shyness and now is standing infront of an audience showing off their latest skills!

In fact, one parent told us their child looks forward to being part of our shows more than christmas!

While we mention children, adults have a great time in our workshops too; from Hen and Stag parties to Teambuilding and Weddings, as well as being renowned for aiding developing artists by adding that final touch to their performance.

Please see our pricings page for details of what tutition and equipment can be provided in a workshop.