"My daughter looks forward to being part of the show each year more than Christmas!"

"Trickswap have been providing a Circus Skills workshop for all our Year 8 students since the beginning of the school year. I cannot speak too highly about their sustained enthusiasm and the excellence of their delivery. I have watched initially reluctant students, many of whom suffer from acute lack of self esteem and the associate behaviour problems, begin to blossom in a remarkably short space of time. The students look forward to the lesson every week and are inspired to motivate themselves in terms of the performance levels they are requested to reach. The hidden agenda of encouraging teamwork and raising awareness of other students in the group has been most effectively addressed. I believe we are already seeing the benefits of this throughout the rest of the school curriculum. The Trickswop tutors themselves are instrumental in modelling a positive role model for the students to emulate. I have been very impressed with the polite, firm but underlying humour of their delivery and would heartily recommend them as teachers,both from the Circus Skills point of view, but also from the importance of the implicit values they bring to their sessions." Head of Year. Head of Performing Arts East Brighton College of Media Arts.

“I would like to express my gratitude to you for all the wonderful workshops you ran. You all worked tirelessly for hours during the weekend, and emerged triumphantly with the group of budding circus runaways helping to create one of the most magnificent and lasting sights at this year's WOMAD."