Trickswap Circus was formed in 2003 and has been introducing and developing circus skills across the UK ever since!

Based primarily in the South East, Trickswap Circus has worked with a wide range of clients, yet in each instance has focussed on the underlying development of confidence and communication skills, as well as providing a safe space for participants to learn and thrive.

Trickswap Circus strongly believe in the benefits of physical activity and the pursuit of challenges, that through attempting new things and pushing through to their achievement, an individual will gain long lasting positive rewards for both their physical and mental well being.

Trickswap Circus prides itself on hearing the delighted exclamation of "I can do it" whether it is a child of 4 or 84, the happiness this brings in each individual is exactly why we teach!

Trickswap Circus believes that everyone has the ability to progress and this is delivered through enthusiasm and encouragement, sharing multiple descriptions and demonstrations with each participant as they attempt to learn their latest trick. Whether in a wheelchair or on a unicycle, everyone has the capacity for growth and discovery.

Trickswap Circus firmly believes that every attempt is a success, that by trying, regardless of the result, there is progression, and therefore, every time a ball, diabolo, staff or hoop is collected again for another attempt the participants are reminded that they are succeeding as they are working toward their goal.

Trickswap Circus understands that individuals learn best what they most enjoy, and therefore give students opportunities with multiple pieces of equipment during the workshop, giving encouragment and enthusiasm at each step.

Within certain environments Trickswap is able to take this progression even further by inviting participants to join the evening shows and nurtures its new performers into confident crowd pleasers as they present thier new found talent to delighted crowds!